"Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing people”

It’s David Packard who said that⏤one of the founders of Hewlett-Packard, and among the greatest entrepreneurs of the last century.

He’s honing in on the essence of entrepreneurship and business. And at the core is a rather humbling, simple truth…

Businesses exist to help customers succeed

Whether you’re selling lemonade on a hot day, or building the next Google… you need to bring solutions to people with problems. The more people you make happy, the more you’ll earn.

That means there are only two basic functions in business: 1) to make products that solve real problems, and 2) to get as many people as possible to use it, so you can make them happy.

And that’s where marketing comes in…

Marketing is important—because even with a great product, the world will not automatically beat a path to your door

Every day startups with amazing products close their doors and disappear… because they couldn’t get enough users, and because they couldn’t explain their vision well enough.

Customers are the lifeblood of your business.
They are the reason your product exists!

Getting more customers is the hardest—but also most important—thing in business… and unlocking profitable and scalable acquisition channels is the most important milestone towards product/market-fit and starting the growth phase of your business.

But as it turns out…

The way marketing works has changed dramatically…

Marketing for early-stage startup companies has nothing to do with marketing as you traditionally know it. What works for big companies, doesn’t work for early-stage startups. That is why “growth hacking” popped up.

But what used to be called “growth hacking” has changed a lot over the last few years—it’s no longer about hacks as much as a much bigger umbrella of professionalized frameworks.

What we have now is a set of complete, mature frameworks to drive explosive product growth… without depending on traditional marketing, ever again!

Durable, scalable sources of new users are built on loops

Big Insight

At the core, growth marketing takes the question of “how can we get users”… and approaches it like an engineer would. The challenge is to build something scalable, durable, and automated. It’s not longer about cool creatives or profitable ad campaigns like in traditional marketing—you need to build a machine (or process, or system, or whatever you want to call it…) to bring in new users, virtually on autopilot.

This is done through loops. One cohort of users today… needs to bring in another cohort of users, tomorrow. And then that cohort needs to brings in the next cohort, and on and on… in an infinite cycle that creates new customers at every turn.

There are over 25 different such loops, and each of them can apply to different kinds of products and businesses. But let’s take two examples, to get you going…

USG-SEO loops
Products like Yelp or Reddit execute on a USG-SEO loop: users create content, which gets ranked by Google (mostly for long-tail keywords), and that content brings new users into the platform, so the loop repeats. User-generated content forms the beating heart of this machine.

“Powered by” loop
You know that Intercom widget on millions of sites, don’t you? Whenever a company uses Intercom, they expose their live chat widget on their website. The widget simply says *“Powered by Intercom”*, and brings new users in touch with Intercom.

Taking that approach, you flip the script on what marketing is all about: Suddenly your job is no longer to “get customers”, but rather to engineer a loop that automatically gets more customers in, creating those positive feedback loops. And the funny thing is…

This works as well for venture-backed SaaS companies as it does for a lone ‘digital nomad’, operating a lifestyle business from the beaches of Bali…

And I can know, because I do just that!

For me, this journey started when I had lost my previous startup. I was living in paradise, but I felt like a failure. While living in Bali was fun, it wasn’t a sustainable solution without a business that earns money.

Even cheap fun isn't free

Things needed to change around, if I wanted to stay living here. And if you’re with your back against the wall, and you NEED to make business a success, only one thing matters…

Getting enough customers to pay the bills!

No customers, and I’d have to go back to Holland, and find myself a boring office job.

I became a student of growth

The few elite marketers that actually know how to build billion-dollar startup companies… they approach the question of “how to get customers” profoundly different than what any marketing guru ever talks about…

So I did what they did. I started messing around with the things they do: I tested the way they structure their funnels. I “reverse-engineered” the way they build traffic systems (called “growth engines”). I started applying their ruthless testing and prioritization regimes.

After a while I started to notice their channel strategies. The psychological triggers they pull. The copywriting.

But I always had one simple objective in mind…

“Can I turn their strategies into something that a single entrepreneur like me can execute?”

  • Can I find a framework that works to get my first 100 customers (rather than 10 million customers like *they* talk about)?
  • Can I simplify it, so it’ll work for eCommerce, and SaaS and mobile apps… all the same?
  • How can you apply their onboarding strategies, if you’re A) not a developer and B) strapped for cash?

And so on. I was experimenting, testing and writing notes.

What I found was a simple, 6-part framework that I could easily execute against. It was practical, simple and focused. It fits on the back of a napkin.

Here’s the outline…

When I saw that it was working for my own two companies, I got curious if it would work for others, too. That turned into a few consulting gigs, and…

The results were extra-ordinary

As a growth marketing consultant, I was able to help 4 startups scale incredibly well. All within the time span of less than 2 years:

– One company raised $20MM+ in funding – Another company got acquired – Another 2 companies achieved profitability, and kept scaling

Of course, those consulting gigs paid incredibly well. I was doing all the work while sitting in Bali or traveling the world… yet the results kept rolling in.

I started to document everything. To create a “playbook”. Friends started using this system too… and they got excellent results. Today, that 6-part system has turned into our flagship product, called “Growthcasts Elite”. It’s a premium offering, that every entrepreneur can us himself, to learn these skills.

So, I want to introduce you to something exciting…


Growthcasts Elite

A Fast-paced Video Course with over 7+ Hrs of Video Content

Growthcasts Elite is a fast-paced video course with over 7+ Hrs of video content...
so you, too, can build the systems that bring in traffic, users and revenue on autopilot… and grow your startup bigger, better and faster

Look over my shoulder while I break down these systems for you, show you how they work, and help you create your own.

A few practicalities you should know…

– The course is broken down into 7 different modules. Each module corresponds with one growth system. Each module consists of video lessons, a PDF guide, case studies, swipe files, and more.

– Although this might seem overwhelming… it often turns out that people simply need to “reshuffle” the pieces of the puzzle that they already have, to unlock substantial extra growth

– This course is created primarily for entrepreneurs… even when you don’t have a lot of resources… and you’re stretched thin with a million to-dos

– The course also works for people that want to venture into a career as a professional “growth marketer” (and thus sell their services to other companies)

With that said, let’s dive straight into it…

Module 1

Traction System

Growth Starts with Acquisition, Unlock Limitless
Traffic to Your Business


Deploy a Strategic User Acquisition Plan

Struggling to acquire users quickly and effectively? Learn the basic 6-step framework to unlock virtually unlimited growth opportunities...


Acquire More Traffic, Efficiently

Most startups fail not because they don’t have a strong product.. but because nobody knows they exist. That’s why “attention” matters (a lot).


Scale Up & Growth

Once you’ve identified your proper channel and engine (outbound, inbound or product-based), we need to start managing growth as you scale.

Inside this module

Core Content

7 videos, 56 min

Channels Strategy

6:25 min

Core Constraints

10:24 min

Product/Channel fit

7:00 min


3:26 min

Lean testing

10:22 min


8:42 min


5:20 min

Bonus Content

Channels Strategy Guide




Editable Worksheet


Case study 1


Case study 2


Treasure Vault


What you'll learn

  • How to identify the best traction channels for your specific business needs
  • The 25+ acquisition channels growth hackers can leverage to drive growth (and how find even more, on your own…)
  • You’ll learn about the ‘power law of channels’, and how to use it effectively
  • How ‘lean testing’ allows you to validate a potential growth engine, with a minimal investment of effort & money
  • I show you what holds you back from fast scaling, and how to overcome these obstacles
  • More than anything, you’ll learn how to confidently drive the acquisition efforts of your business

I thought this module was one of the most valuable ones in the entire course. Really liked this...!

Irina Bykowa,

 works with Slack

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Module 2


Copywriting is the Backbone Skill, Learn It Once... Sell More Online – Forever


Learn the “Four Horsemen” of Copywriting...

Copywriting is neither a science nor an artform. There is a simple set of 4 skills to consistently produce weapons-grade persuasion copy...


Writer Better, Faster

I realised this only later, but this kind of process avoids “writers block”, and helps unexperienced writers to write twice as good, twice as fast!


Convert Online. Use Story, Emotions & ‘Hidden Pains’

If you’ve liked my emails so far... you’ve liked my way of storytelling and copywriting. I’ll show you how to use stories to effectively drive sales.

Inside this module

Core Content

7 videos, 56:24





Problem statements


Benefits vs features


Peeling the Onion


Power Words


Swipe Files


Bonus Content

Copywriting Guide




Peeling the Onion worksheet


Case study 1


Case study 2


Treasure Vault


What you'll learn

  • How to become a confident writer. Write twice as good, twice as fast.
  • Become a systematic copywriter, using proven frameworks and structures to do your heavy lifting.
  • The 80/20 of writing better copy for more sales: only 4 hacks you need to master, drive most of the results.
  • Get an extensive library with examples to swipe from. This means you can start copy-pasting, rather than laying the groundwork yourself.
  • I show you how to unlock your inner salesman. We don’t only work skills, but also your ‘inner game’ and mindset.
  • More than anything, you’ll learn to sell online

I never expected that writing (of all things), would boost my sales by this much!

Willem Hoogslag,

 owns contentmarketing firm

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Module 3

Risk Roadmaps

This 'Strategic Module' Helps You Become a Growth Strategist...


Intermediate & Advanced Lean Startup Strategies

Learn a simple 4-part framework to optimise for product/market-fit. Bridge the gap between high-level strategy and practical execution.


Accelerate Your Growth With High-Tempo Testing

Learn the strategic approach to scaling growth efforts across teams. Once you’ve hit your stride, learn to increase cadence & tempo.


Become a Growth Strategist. Achieve P/M-fit Faster

Ultimately, the goal is to get you to a strong and optimised growth strategy asap. That requires being strategic, rather than tactical.

Inside this module

Core Content

7 videos, 71 min

Advanced Lean Startup


Startup Plan


Risk Roadmaps


Market risks


Product risks


Channel risks


Ignition risks


What MVPs are for


The Final Roadmap


Bonus Content

Risk Roadmap Guide


Cheatsheet (2x)


Editable Worksheet


Case study 1


Treasure Vault


What you'll learn

  • Deep channels analysis, to hit hyper-growth, faster
  • Intermediate and advanced lean startup strategies that form the bridge between conceptual thinking an execution.
  • Become a growth strategist, and make better business decisions that scale companies faster and in a more sustainable way.
  • Learn how to accelerate cycle speed to compress your time and get more done in the same amount of time.
  • Gain laser focus and more confidence, as you execute a step-by-step strategic plan.
  • More than anything, you’ll learn how to become a growth strategist, rather than going from trick to trick…

This really gave me a clear view on my business, finally I know my core business values!

Heather Dawton,

 lifestyle entrepreneur

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Module 4

Facebook Ads Engine

Build Growth Engines (part I), The Core of Your Growth Strategy...


A Detailed Blueprint For Scaling Paid Ads

Module 5 & 6 teach how to drive traffic & leads through “growth engines”. This module breaks down the step-by-step blueprint for Fb ads.


Step-by-step Instructions. Very Practical...

Broken down over 5 different steps, learn everything from concepting, to A/B testing, tooling and scaling. A very practical module.


Understand the ‘Meta-Blueprint’ of the Growth Loops Architecture

Once you’ve seen a first growth engine, we’ll “connect the dots” and give the meta-blueprint that you can apply across any other channel.

Inside this module

Core Content

7 videos, 57 min

Meta Blueprint


Core constraints


Strategy and Structure


Advertising Copywriting


A/B testing






Bonus Content

Facebook Ads Engine Guide


Tools Cheatsheet


Ads Swipe File


Treasure Vault


What you'll learn

  • A detailed blueprint of the entire Facebook Ads blueprint. Learn which steps you need to take to unleash the power of the Facebook monster to drive fast and predictable growth.
  • Swipe files with effective & proven ads in virtually every startup industry: SaaS, eCommerce, corporate B2B, mobile apps & consumer products, agencies, etc. etc.
  • Frameworks on how to plot your financial models, so you can scale with confidence once you hit initial traction.
  • Most importantly… you’ll see the entire process of making a growth engine. Once you know how to make one growth engine, you can make any growth engine.

I became really good at Adwords, and I learned it by understanding Facebook..

Mark Schnetlager,

 founder/CEO @ Markify

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Module 5

Lead Gen Engine

Build Growth Engines (Part II), Scale any Channel with this 'Meta Blueprint'...


Every Startup Starts With Outbound...

Like it or not, but ‘hustle’ is the name of the game. Outbound channels allow you to “scale the hustle” in a way that’s both simple, and proven to work.


Learn to Build Simple Growth Engines for B2B & SaaS

The Lead Gen engine is most suitable for B2B and SaaS applications. It’s a proven engine, and incredibly cheap/simple to set up & drive leads.


Unlock Growth Across 25+ Different Channels

In this module, you’ll see how to quickly build your own growth engines, no matter which channel you tap into (it’s all the same!)

Inside this module

Core Content

7 videos, 54 min

The Blueprint




Finding the Source


Data Scraping


Finding anyone's email


Outbound Outreach


Outsourcing & Automation


Bonus Content

Lead Gen Engine Guide


Email Swipe Files


Tools Cheatsheet


Case study 1


Case study 2


Case study 3


Treasure Vault


What you'll learn

  • An extensive ‘Frequently asked questions’ section to troubleshoot potential roadblocks you might encounter
  • Learn essential growth hacking skills such as web scraping, email marketing essentials, and more..
  • A PDF swipe file with the very emails that we use in our own engines. These are the high-value emails that are proven to convert. Normally you’d pay a senior copywriter for this. Now you can just copy-paste (and modify to your liking).
  • HD quality videos showing exactly how web scraping is done. This is the hardest part of the engine, and the true cornerstone of this technique.
  • A lot of information on how to automate & outsource the entire engine (or parts of it) to scale efficiently & at low costs.

At first, I thought this was just another growth hack, but it's a whole system and it works great!

Nina Chow,

 tech blogger

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Module 6

Sales Funnels

Design Your Growth Loop and take control of your business


Stop Closing Every Sale Yourself

Growth marketing is about building systems, rather than being a slave to your business. Learn how to take yourself out of the picture.


Create Systems That Drive Sales — On Autopilot

Once you see the whole picture, you’ll understand intuitively where funnels fit in. Learn to think like a “funnel architect”.


Learn Five Easy Funnel Templates (5x)

Five templates that you can use over-and-over. Identify which one matches your business... and have a simple structure that you know will work.

Inside this module

Core Content

7 videos, 64 min

Intro (Sales Funnels)


The Process


Webinar Funnel


Email Course Funnel


Product Demo Funnel


Freemium Funnel


Invitation or VIP Funnel


Sales Funnel Architect


Bonus Content

Hypnotic Sales Funnels Guide


Webinar Funnel Template


Email Course Funnel Template


Product Demo Funnel Template


Freemium Funnel Template


VIP Funnel Template


Case study 1


Case study 2


Treasure Vault


What you'll learn

  • Template I: Webinar Funnel. Great for educational products, mid-size SaaS and consultancy.
  • Template II: Emailcourse Funnel. Mostly used for educational products like books or a training.
  • Template III: Product Demo Funnel. This is the perfect funnel for enterprise SaaS.
  • Template IV: Freemium Funnel. Very strong funnel for addictive products.
  • Template V: Invitation or VIP funnel. Social and virality based funnel, works for all sorts of companies.
  • Besides all these incredibly helpful templates, I also show you the framework we use to create & optimise funnels for maximum ROI.
  • Swipe file with examples for each type of sales funnel. This makes it easy to implement everything.

I never thought it was so easy to test and optimise your business as a whole. Really an eye-opener!

Eva Moorman,

 freelance designer and consultant

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Module 7

Advanced Onboarding

Close Your Growth Loop, Unleash 'Engineered Virality'...


Close Your Growth Loops

Strong onboarding allows you to close your growth loops efficiently. Increase retention, LTV & CAC allowance. The backbone of growth!


1 Framework || 7 Advanced Strategies

Email, NUX, and five more strategies. All play neatly into the “Magic Moments Map” frame- work, and allow for swift & simple execution.


Increase Profits & ‘Scaling Power’

In the end, every growth model relies on turning cold leads into happy power users. Strengthen retention, and strengthen growth.

Inside this module

Core Content

7 videos, 74 min

Intro (50%)


Magic Moments Map


Friction and Confusion




Blank States


Interface Enhancements


Drip Campaigns and Email




VIP Onboarding


Webinars and Training


Bonus Content

Advanced Onboarding Guide


Magic Moments Map Worksheet


Case study 1


Case study 2


Treasure Vault


What you'll learn

  • 7 different strategies, with an extensive framework to figure out which to use in which case, and quick-start tips on how to implement them quickly
  • Swipe file with onboarding examples, plus notes on how to find more onboarding examples with minimum effort.
  • A worksheet that helps you quickly find the strategies your business should use.
  • Note: much like sales funnels, the strategies you learn in this module are highly suitable to sell as a productised service: virtually all early-stage startups can benefit tremendously from better onboarding. This skill set is high-value and very easy to learn.
  • As a business owner you’ll notice the results because more leads convert to paying (!!) users, and ultimately happy ambassadors that unlock viral word-of-mouth growth.

Most people don't take onboarding seriously! This module really made me see the importance.

Frank Peters,

 works in consultancy firm

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A walkthrough of Elite

Watch the video below, to get a full scoop on everything that's inside Elite. It's like a peek behind the curtains.

Walkthrough video


These bonuses make execution easy & simple for busy entrepreneurs that don't want to waste time...

A hugely damaging myth is that you need to be a ‘growth hacker’ to drive aggressive growth for your business.

Problem is: nobody is “born” as a growth marketer. It is a skill you choose to acquire. Unlike anything else in business, it’s a must-have for founders and CEOs alike: why? — It allows you to control your traffic, sales & monthly revenue growth.

Get access to everything I know about growth marketing, including:

  • Video Case Studies — 14x, focused on practical execution
  • Execution Manuals — 7 high-quality, step-by-step PDF guides
  • Worksheets & Exercises
  • Swipe Files
  • Treasure Vaults
  • Personalised Support (!) — 365 days, from Pieter personally
  • 1-Year Guarantee (!!) — Full money-back guarantee for any reason 
(updated from 30-days to a massive 365-days!!)

Video Case Studies (13x)

Look over my shoulder, Master the tactical details…

Each module is supplemented with ‘over the shoulder’ case studies, where you can see exactly how I execute the strategies. You get all the nuts and bolts, and can see “real life examples” of my work…

  • 7 onboarding strategies
  • Turn cold leads into happy power users
  • Increase profitability & ‘scaling power’

Guides, worksheets, etc.

Step-by-step blueprints to implement each system quickly…

Get 7 printable PDF guides (1 for each module) with detailed, step-by-step instructions to execute each module. Receive worksheets, swipe files, and over 20+ other extras to make execution as easy as possible…

  • Step-by-step instructions
  • These bonuses help busy entrepreneurs execute
  • 7 PDF eBooks with practical tips at every turn

Personalised Support

When shit hits the fan, reach out for help if you get stuck…

Sometimes everything just works out-of-the-box… but sometimes it doesn’t… (Shocker!!) That’s when you need some help. Get 1 full year of support, no matter what the issue is…

  • Get advice catered to your specific business
  • Sort out your individual problems quickly
  • Make less mistakes: get results faster

Treasure Vaults

A collection of practical tips, because execution is all that counts…

Learning stuff is the easy part. Implementation & execution are the hard parts. We’ve carefully crafted a set of bonus materials for each system, designed to help you put your new skills into immediately use.

  • Links to relevant resources online (and offline)
  • Learn more, dive deeper, and find good examples to study
  • See which tools & apps we use to operate each system

Choose your plan now

Every purchase is covered by our monstrous 365-day money-back guarantee. My refund policy is really simple...

If you don't like the product you can just get your money back 
(up till 365 days after you purchase).

Valid reasons for a refund include:

  • You didn't have time to go through the course, so it was a bad investment...
  • You don't really like the way in which I teach... (pretty unlikely if you liked the emails, btw)
  • You tried the system I suggested, but for some reason it doesn't work in your market...
  • You buy it, but the next month you're super tight on cash. You decide you need the money back in order to pay the bills...

I hope you are willing to invest in your future, and make a "ballsy move" by getting into Elite, today. And if you ever come to regret this purchase... you can claw your money back, easily.


Let's pick whichever Risk-free option you like best...

Elite Core

Core content

  • 7 Core Video modules
  • Full Money-back Guarantee (1 Year)

Pro content

  • 13 Video Case Studies
  • PDF Manuals, Swipe Files, Etc
  • Treasure Vaults
  • Personalised Support

Elite Pro

Core content

  • 7 Core Video modules
  • Full Money-back Guarantee (1 Year)

Pro content

  • 13 Video Case Studies
  • PDF Manuals, Swipe Files, Etc
  • Treasure Vaults
  • Personalised Support

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions people ask me all the time. If you ever have any other question, you can easily reach me. Just send me an email, I'll generally get back within 24 hours:



How does this course help my business?

Building Growth in your business is a scalable and save way to build your company. You'll also learn all the skills an entrepreneur needs.

What previous experience is needed?

Elite is an intermediate/advanced level course. It assumes you already have basic business experience. If you don't have much previous experience, you should be ready for an aggressive learning curve.

All modules start with a quick intro to cover the basics, but then go straight to intermediate and advanced strategies and tactics. It's not a 'marketing for dummies' course, by any means.

Which practical skills will I learn?

Elite covers mostly intermediate and advanced level skills, tactics and strategies. The main thing you'll learn is how you can create 'growth systems' such as growth engines, sales funnels and advanced onboarding flows. You then combine those into an entire 'growth loop', which drives engineered virality.
Besides the strategies, you learn also practical skills, such as:
* How to choose the best traction channels for a startup
* Which channels to use once you hit initial scale
* How you can take a marketing campaign (maybe Google ads, or content marketing, or SEO) from 'initial validation' to fast scaling
* How you write hard-hitting copy that actually gets people to buy
* How you create a 'risk roadmap' for ultimate focus,
* How you uncover hidden benefits, that strengthen your pitch & selling proposition
* ...and much, much more!
What you DON'T learn is all kind of technical skills (like advanced javascript programming), unless they are absolutely necessary.

How much do growth marketers earn?

It varies massively, but in places like the Bay Area a growth marketer with 2-3 years of experience will typically earn more than the developers he works with. Salaries range into the $120,000-150,000/year range (which is over $10,000/month), plus equity.

If you are - like me - in an area where there is less demand, you can probably earn more by working remotely. If you work for startups remotely you can probably expect to earn $70-90/hour with relative ease.

IMPORTANT: Buying this course does NOT imply that you will also automatically be entitelled to such rates.

Are we a match?

Who is this for?

Growthcasts Elite is primarily focused on early-stage startups, with high-growth / high-impact ambitions.

Because the framework is quite universal, this approach works very well for both SaaS, mobile apps or eCommerce... but it works equally well for 'traditional' businesses, B2B startups or even non-profits.

People that buy Elite, typically fall in one the following 3 buckets:

A) You’re a startup founder, and you’d like to incorporate this kind of thing into your business —You want to stop doing traditional marketing, and instead start building “growth loops”.
B) You want to start a business? Even better: We will design your company like a loop from the start!
C) You work for a startup (or as a consultant), and your team could use this kind of help. Maybe you want to sell growth marketing consultancy as a service (like I do, myself)

Will this work for me?

Elite works best for people that are 100% sure they have the entrepreneurial blood going throught their veins. The people that are hungry for success.

Besides that you also need to be able to dedicate at least 4-6 hours per week to your business, to see real significant growth.

What products is this best for?

There is most value if you're an early-stage startup, because the content is focused on getting you to ~$15.000-25.000 in monthly revenue quickly.

If you're already past that stage, some modules might be less interesting / relevant. If you want to work as a freelance growth consultant, you'll find the content very valuable, too.
Products that Elite works well for are:
- Software products (mobile apps, SaaS, etc.)
- eCommerce products / webshops
- Business-to-business products
- Traditional businesses... that want to expand their reach online
- Freelancers / consultants that want to work for any of the above sort of businesses

Will this work for B2B startups?

Yes, building growth loops works for Business-to-business startup, too. Other B2B companies that have benefitted massively from building growth loops in the past include:

- Hubspot
- Slack
- Salesforce
- All sorts of SaaS products...
- ... and many, many more

While it used to be true that 'growth hacking' was mostly for consumer startups... that's simply no longer true if you use growth loops to grow. It works for B2B just as well.

What to expect

Will I be able to work abroad after this course

That really depends on the type of job you choose. Growth marketers are high in demand, so you can easily bargain an abroad position.

It is even easier if you start consulting. For me my living costs are way lower, and I earn as much as I would at home!

Pieter, how did you gain this experience?

I got my experience mostly through my previous startup ventures. I have been running 4 different businesses / products since I was 22 years old. So that's my background.

I worked in industries as varied as recruitment (B2B), selling consulting services, selling info-products (Growthcasts!), as well as mobile apps and SaaS products. So I have a very broad base of experience, but always focused on early-stage startups: getting an idea to $20-50k in monthly revenue as soon as possible.

Can I get 1-on-1 support if I get stuck?

Yes, you can. I allocate time to helping 'my tribe' in 1-on-1 sessions. You can always reach me by email if you need help. If you ever get really stuck with implementation, I will also help you out in 1-on-1 skype sessions.

To be clear... all 1-on-1 time has to be within reason. I normally charge $5.000+ for consulting packages, so you'll still have to do most of the work yourself... but I'll help you get un-stuck if you get stuck anywhere. Also my team is available at any moment, if you need it.

Is this an entire growth marketing blueprint?

Yes, Growthcasts Elite lays out an entire step-by-step blueprint for building growth loops into the fabric of your business.

You will learn everything you need to know to do this: ranging from strategy and copywriting to tactical implementation tips and sales funnel hacks.


Which package should I buy?

The price difference between the 2 packages is minimal. I did that for a reason: I want you to go in with all the bonus materials as well... because it helps you execute the strategies I lay out.

What you probably need more than anything else, is a clear step-by-step framework to execute... but also all the practical tips and tricks to make it happen.
That's why all those bonuses are focused on helping you execute & implement:
- Over-my-shoulder tactical case study videos (13x, all in HD quality, about ~25 minutes each)
- Execution Manuals (PDF Guides, 7x)
- Worksheets
- Swipe files to copy from
- Cheatsheets - to see stuff like exactly which tools I use, etc.
- Treasure Vaults (full of additional resources)
- Personalised, 1-on-1 support from myself (over email & skype)

I think this should make it a no-brainer to buy the package with the bonuses... which is exactly what I had in mind!

PLEASE NOTE: You also get a massive, 365-days guarantee, no matter which package you buy.

What is the refund policy?

My refund policy is really simple: if you don't like the product you can just get your money back (up till 365 days after you purchase).

Within this market, it's very common that people will offer you only a refund if you "do you homework", or something ridiculous like that. I don't want to do that. You can just get a refund if it's not a good fit, no matter what the reason was.

Valid reasons for a refund include:
- You didn't have time to go through the course, so it was a bad investment... -> money' back
- You don't really like the way in which I teach... -> money back
- You tried the work, you skyped with me... but it all didn't work out -> money back
- You buy it, but the next month you're super short on cash. You decide it was an un-wise purchase given your financial situation... -> money back.

To get a refund, you can just email me at pieter@growthcasts.co, and I'll take care of it myself. Because I use Gumroad, a refund takes up to 5 days to be executed and get back into your bank account.

I hope you will give Elite the 'benefit of the doubt' and if you ever come to regret the fact that you took a bold action... then I'll just refund you.

For how long do I gain access?

There is no limit on this. You get access for life.

You also get lifetime access to future upgrades & improvements to the product. The last update I did was 2 months ago (as I write this), when I added 13 case study videos where I cover all kind of tactical nuts & bolts. This was a free update with almost 5 hours of extra free, practical video content.

What's stopping you from buying Elite, right now?

That's a question from ME, to you! If there's anything still bothering you in the back of your mind, I hope you send me an email at pieter@growthcasts.co (so I can answer your specific question myself).

If there's nothing really bothering you, but you're just undecided...
I hope you do a quick best-case/wost-case analysis... and you'll realise that there's almost nothing to loose (remember that 365-day refund-for-any-reason policy?), and a great deal to gain (potentially a business doing $20,000-50,000 per month in revenue, or even more).

I hope to see you on the inside in a few minutes!

Here's what others say about us...

Caspar helped actual clients and not even finished the course

Frank really likes the tactical step-by-step of the course

Mauro took the concepts, and applied them straight away

Morgan loved how simple Elite was to implement in real life

A note from Pieter

Should you invest $19/month to learn how to acquire more customers?

Maybe that’s a weird way to put it. Because it’s a no-brainer:

“Yes, of course you should!”

At $229, I know that the price of Growthcasts Elite might be a hurdle for you. It’s not the cheapest thing around! But if you break it down, it’s only $19.08 per month (spread over 12 months).

That’s the price you’d pay for the lowest-tier plan of your typical SaaS too:

  • Maybe your hosting costs $19 per month (probably more)
  • Maybe your email marketing provider costs $19/month (probably much more)
  • Maybe your project management app costs $19/month
  • Maybe your bug-tracking software costs $19/month

But it feels differently, doesn’t it? You buy those tools in a heartbeat… because you know your business simply needs them.

So here’s the question again…

Should you invest $19/month to learn to acquire more customers?

I don’t know much about your business… but if you have ANY of the tools above… then probably you should! Imagine you look back in a year from now…

Would $19 really be a significant thing in your monthly expense statement?

Probably not. But just imagine…

Best case

What if your investment paid of...?


  • What if $19/month would double your profits in 2 months from now?
  • What if it would triple the revenue of your business?
  • What if you would 5X your personal income to over 6-figures per year?
  • What if 10x or 20x more warm leads converted on your website?

… Because if you master the systems of growth, that might just happen.

It all has happened to my students (and to myself, for that matter). You definitely wouldn’t be the first one. It happens, every day.


I know your ‘lizard brain’ is still cooking up excuses at breakneck speed…

  • “What if things go WRONG?!”
  • “What if it doesn’t work out?”
  • “What if my business doesn’t start to grow?”

Let’s talk frankly to your lizard brain:

In the worst case you make a small (maybe risky) investment today… 
and nothing happens.

Worst case

You spend $229... PLUS you spend 3 hours to find out that this course is not something you like.

I cannot guarantee to you that the ‘worst case’ will not happen.

I cannot give you those 3 hours back. But I can make it easy for you…

I can give you an unconditional ‘no-matter-what-the-reason-is’ money-back guarantee. And I can make it be valid for a massive 365 days.

You have 365 days to claw back your money (and you’ll retain full access to all the content)

So then the question is…

What if — in the absolute worst case scenario — you’d get a world class growth marketing education… absolutely for FREE?

Think it over. I’m trying to make this a no-brainer to you.


Pieter „Puts a P.S. in the footer” Moorman

Elite Core

Core content

  • 7 Core Video modules
  • Full Money-back Guarantee (1 Year)

Pro content

  • 13 Video Case Studies
  • PDF Manuals, Swipe Files, Etc
  • Treasure Vaults
  • Personalised Support

Elite Pro

Core content

  • 7 Core Video modules
  • Full Money-back Guarantee (1 Year)

Pro content

  • 13 Video Case Studies
  • PDF Manuals, Swipe Files, Etc
  • Treasure Vaults
  • Personalised Support