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Double is a growth marketing agency.
We help startups scale.

Systematic growth marketing

Double brings you your own dedicated growth team, always led by one of our 3 partners. You’ll work with experienced marketers with a proven track record in scaling startups into international brands.

How we work?

  • Build systems for durable, scalable pathways to growth

  • A structural, long-term partner, rather than hiring freelancers on project-based stuff

  • Qualified experts on fields from paid ads to copywriting, and sales funnels to analytics

  • A fast, iterative approach with a cadence of high-tempo adjustments & experimentation

  • We take full ownership over your growth—as your Head of Growth we’ll do whatever is needed to hit your growth targets… even if some of that work is technically not “marketing”

Our promise

Double is your dedicated marketing team. Here’s what you can expect from us:

Full ownership

We typically come onboard as your first Head of Growth. We take ownership over everything from growth strategy to execution.


We believe the only worthwhile marketing is whatever drives sales and revenue growth. Anything else is just excuses or busywork.

Strategic clarity

Growth starts with clear and focused strategy. In fact, strategic clarity and systems-thinking beats “growth hacking” any day of the week.

Experienced execution

Even the best strategies will need dependable execution. Trust our specialists to hit objectives quickly and efficiently.

Hey! We’re

Your dedicated team of growth marketing super-nerds.

Team Players



If we work on detailed strategy sessions or 'in the trenches' execution, hard work combines best with a good portion of fun.

We grow startups for a living
…and we love it

Working with Dennis from Day 0, we led the growth efforts that grew Klooker from zero to over 5,000 recurring revenue customers. We are currently helping Klooker expand towards it’s milestone of 50,000 customers. Exciting!

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Double’s team is extremely forthcoming with ideas to engage our customer further.
Double’s team is extremely forthcoming with ideas to engage our customer further.

Dennis Kamst

Founder & CEO at klooker

For BABB our partner Pieter crafted the strategic messaging & positioning that resulted in them *raising a massive $25MM Initial Coin Offering (ICO)… Wow!

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Demetrios Zamboglou


We already had some cool marketing ideas, but Pieter really helped us shape a clear and successful marketing plan that growth hacked our entire ICO.

“I need you guys to scale my business…”

Excellent. Here’s how we help:

Create sales funnels

The bread and butter of growth marketing is creating high-conversion sales funnels, that get cold leads ready to purchase... all while working on autopilot.

Website (re)design

From strategy to implementation, we help clients restructure their website to generate more leads, and tell their story better.

Paid ad campaigns

Paid advertising campaigns on Facebook, Google, Instagram or other platforms are the fastest way for B2C companies to scale.


Writing better sales copy is the primary driver of higher conversions. Writing attention-grabbing ads and money-pulling sales letters is kind of our thing.

A/B testing & high-tempo experimentation

Setting up a cadence of high-tempo experimentation and rapid A/B testing to validate concepts and hone in on the winning strategy.

Onboarding experiences

Especially geared to apps and SaaS companies, we help startups create better onboarding experiences and lift retention.

Retailers strategy

Helping startups in the B2C markets make the move into the retail markets, whether it’s fashion, ecommerce or food & beverages.

Landingpages & campaigns

Optimising landing pages and dedicated campaigns (whether paid ads, SEO, affiliates, etc.) is our everyday business.

Outbound outreach

Setting up systems to quickly get in touch with hundreds or thousands of business relationships, and building out the sales infrastructure to support it.

Building sales teams

We built sales teams in various industries and for various sorts of products, ranging from street sales teams to closing high-value enterprise deals.


Stories carry your growth, because stories sell. We’ve helped sell more than $30M in products by telling better, more engaging stories.

Analytics & data analysis

Setting up analytics tools and crunching data to draw proper conclusions on retention, LTV, cohort performance or channel attribution.

More work we’re proud of…

We're pleased to present some of the amazing clients we've had the pleasure to work with.




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As one of the first students, I can say it's one of the most informative and complete courses on marketing out there!

Frank Maat

Head IT @ MindSpace

Was afraid it would only have growth hacking tricks, but it was something different. Completely changed my picture of marketing.

Lilian Delacroix

Founder @ BeYourBest

Join over 25,271 others to learn from one of our founders how modern, systematic growth marketing works. It’s a great way to get to know us better, too!

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Our process


Growth Strategy

Doubling your revenue and user base starts with making strong strategic decisions. As startups scales, they need mature growth systems to drive stable flows of users into their business.

Our first job is to architect a high-level growth strategy that makes acquisition and customer retention stable, predictable & systematic. This is the “blueprint” we’ll later execute against…



Our primary task is to create marketing systems drive user growth systematically, on autopilot. This systems-building includes an acquisition engine, a sales funnel to convert cold leads to active users, and a cadence of high-tempo optimization.


Scaling & resourcing

Once the systems are operational, we’ll help the team optimize their strategy and increase conversions as they scale. While the startup is scaling up it’s marketing efforts, we help them bring onboard in-house hires to take over the day-to-day execution of their marketing & growth systems.


Weekly sprints, billed monthly. All prices in EUR.


Strategy-only, executed by your team


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Capacity of 10 hrs/week


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(Phase II)

Capacity of 20 hrs/week


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Head of

Dedicated availability


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Pieter Moorman

Partner / consultant

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